Our Story

We are more than just a contract development and manufacturing organization. We are a company born out of a simple idea—that there has to be a better way. A better way to work with our customers. A better way to create more meaningful experiences. A better way to create a culture that everyone can thrive and succeed in. At our core, that is who we are—a dedicated team that believes we can always be better.

The Journey

You learn a lot about yourself on a 34-mile bike ride. You learn even more when that ride starts at sea level and climbs into the thin air of a 10,000-foot volcano in Maui.

At the time, I was in between careers. By “in between” I mean I was unsure of what opportunity I wanted to pursue. I had recently taken a sabbatical because I knew I wanted to do something new. I wanted to do something that had an impact. I wanted to do things differently, better, faster. And more than ever, I wanted to give customers the experience they deserve.

But change in large organizations takes time; the one thing I had plenty of on my ride. So somewhere between Paia and the top of Mt. Haleakala, it hit me—start your own company. Leverage my 20+ years of domain experience in the CDMO marketplace, my connections, my friends and colleagues and all those who believe that there’s always a better way to do things and create a business that we would be proud of.

A company that believes in making the world healthier while keeping the patients’ best interests at heart.

A company driven by people who are dedicated to making sure our customers receive the service and experience they deserve.

That’s when INCOG was born. On the 34-mile climb up Mt. Haleakala which turned out to be just the first leg of our journey.

Where We Are

Today, we’re building something special. A business with an extraordinary team, that walks into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. A company with best-in-class equipment coupled with business, operational and quality processes and procedures that are second to none. Where our customers and patients come first.

Where We’re Going

We are on a mission to be better today than we were yesterday. Because that’s how we grow. And that’s how we help our customers grow. By building a culture that puts service above all else. By taking the lessons we’ve learned and using that knowledge and expertise to offer the service and opportunities our customers are looking for.

Cory Lewis

Cory Lewis

CEO and President | Founder



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