Formulation & Filling Capabilities

At INCOG, from our approach to customer service to the investment we’ve made in quality and injectable drug product manufacturing, our priority is to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

That’s why we’re flexible. Because our customers’ needs vary. So, our filling line is designed for multiple primary container presentations (e.g., vials, syringes and cartridges) while also being able to support both clinical and commercial scale manufacturing.

That’s why we’re efficient. Because drug development is expensive. That’s why we invested in state-of-the-art sterile injectable product manufacturing equipment. Machines engineered and designed to minimize product loss during the manufacturing process.

That’s why we’re fast.  Because getting product to clinical trials or market quickly is essential. And our high-speed filling equipment is designed with that in mind. Getting life-saving medication to the people who need it faster and easier. 

That’s why we’re quality centric. Because we’ve created a facility, laboratories and processes with quality as our primary focus. A mindset that extends to all aspects of customer service and product delivery.